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Pellet press

Pellet press

This machine is special for producing livestock and poultry feed. After grinding, Mixing and cooking, the raw material is entranced into this machine and came out die by pressure of routers. due to high pressure and presence of vapor steam, this production has  very good digestibility and durability . atiyesazan Negin Faraz  company has designed pellet press in gearbox models with the capacity of 2.5-5- 10- 15- 25- 45 tons/h

: The special features of this machine

*equipped with control panel and PLC equipment

*automatic lubrication system for rotors and gearboxes

                                                             *equipped with interchangeable system of die

*equipped with safety system of pins and alarm sensors of door, vapor, water, ampere,…

high performance , low vibration and noise

پرس پلت
Pellet Press
پرس پلت
pellet Press